Blood Pressure Monitors...

...…helping to avoid the world's no1 silent killer.

If every home owns a blood pressure monitor it will enable people to keep a regular check on their wellbeing and take early action if they have high blood pressure.

The Kinetik Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors are the first in the world to be tested and approved by the British Hypertension Society's own validation service. Our range of Blood Pressure Monitors is designed to be an easy way for customers to check their blood pressure as part of their daily lives, at home or in the office. We have used the power of design to create a range of affordable, easy to use and attractive products suited to the home environment, rather than the clinic.

What's Your BPIQ?
More than half of adults over forty have never had their blood pressure results explained by
their GP.
Do you know
what the numbers mean?
Take the BPIQ test
View the BPM1C Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor: BPM1C
View the BPM1KTL Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor: BPM1KTL
View the BPM1C Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor: BPM3C
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View the BPM4TL Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor - BPM4TL
View the BPM1 Blood Pressure Lowering System
Blood Pressure Lowering - BPL1
View the Single Large Cuff
Single Large Cuff: LC1C
Single large cuff for the BPM4TL
Single Large Cuff: LC1CBLK
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